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Vacher's Quarterly Annual Subscription (1193, 1194, 1195, 1196)

Vacher's Quarterly Annual Subscription (1193, 1194, 1195, 1196)

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Constantly updated, the perfect portable companion for the who’s who in UK Politics

Another Cabinet re-shuffle? MPs changing constituencies? It’s not always easy to keep up to date on the details of Ministers, Whips, Lords and Peers…

Published and updated each quarter, this handy paperback gives you the latest, fully-updated contact details of those in the political arena within the UK and Europe, as well as an updated calendar of political events and news from the UK Parliaments and Assemblies.

Each edition includes changes to:

  • Government – The Cabinet, all Ministers, Whips, Lords spokespeople and Ministerial responsibilities
  • Parliament – House of Commons, MPs’ directory, Constituencies, Select Committees, Officers and Political Offices
  • House of Lords – Directory of Peers, Select Committees, Principal Office-holders and their staff
  • Departments of State and Government offices
  • Devolved Parliament and Assemblies
  • European Union – European Parliament, European Commission and Member States
  • Diplomatic representation

This product is a one-year subscription to Vachers Quarterly. You will receive a copy of the latest edition, then 3 further copies over the next year at quarterly intervals each time a new edition is available.

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